Thursday, March 3, 2011

Maybelline Berry Best & Zoya Roxy funky French

Maybelline - Berry Best, 3 coats

I didn't think I'd like Berry Best as much as I did when I first held the bottle in my paws... Or it may be my memory that's playing tricks on me since these photos are from mid/late January, and I actually hated this one. :p Anyhoo, a slightly duochromey berry pinky red (imagine that!) & three thick coats for acceptable opacity.

Maybelline - Berry Best & Zoya - Roxy funky French, 3+1 coats

I *too* envy them super nice funky French manis that Chloe does with just a few pieces of Scotch tape (and a buttload of talent and magic, I'm sure) so I reached for my scissors, some tape and a bottle of Zoya Roxy. But it seems as if my nails are too curved for the DIY tape method to work for me, as the edges of my FF are pretty wonky. :< Oh well, I'll just have to stick with my old trusty store bought French stickers.

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Biberlee said...

Please tell me where did you buy Colorama Top Coats. Is there an online store? I am sorry for the offtopic, but you probably didn't see the question on that post.

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