Sunday, March 6, 2011

Revlon Cotton Candy & Depend Pink crackle

Revlon - Cotton Candy, 3 coats

Cotton Candy was one of Revlon's 2010 Scents of Summer scented nail polishes, and I am totally smitten with this very pale baby pink with golden shimmer! To me it smells more like marshmallows than cotton candy, and the scent is in no way fakey or overpowering like some reviewers have claimed.

Revlon - Cotton Candy & Depend - Pink crackle, 3 + 1 coats

I topped Cotton Candy with a pink crackle from Depend. Of all the crackles I've tried so far (China Glaze, IsaDora, Depend and those unknown brand Chinese ones) I like Depend's the best - the formula is pretty much like that of a normal polish, they're not too thick or chalky, and they crackle beautifully. It's too bad they only come in 5ml bottles which cost more than normal Depend polishes (3,90€ vs. 3€).

2 kommenttia:

Rachel Marie said...

I love the pink on pink. :)

ABOP (laquerlove on MUA) said...

This is the BEST crackle mani I've seen! I love that you can still see so much of thee base color and it all looks like one layer instead of two. Love it!

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