Thursday, March 17, 2011

Skinfood Milk Creamy Prism Nail #1 Pink Prism

Skinfood Milk Creamy Prism Nail - #1 Pink Prism, 2 coats

Talk about false advertising - this looks incredible in the bottle, but on the nail the holo effect is very dull. :L This is two coats of this light pink scattered holo over Nfu-Oh Aqua Base. Oh, and the baby bottle shaped container freaks me out.

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ChaosButterfly said...

Aw, I think it looks good! Really cute, although a baby bottle shaped...bottle would make me uncomfortable too.

lilz said...

wow,are thouse your real nails ? :O

Agmini said...

I think this still looks gorgeous...I've been searching for Skin Food Milk Creamy Prisms now since I saw this on your blog a couple months ago, but they've been discontinued. Any idea of where I could find them now?

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