Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Paris Memories #263 & Pastel Manicure M22

Paris Memories - #263, 2 coats

Ahh, my memories of Paris... This jelly-like creme is as beautiful as the city of love itself. The photos reveal that a third coat of polish might have been necessary, but it wasn't nearly as apparent IRL. Unfortunately I'm unable to tell where to find more of Paris Memories' pretty polishes internationally, as I found this one in the Finnish abscure lacquer wonderland Seppälä (who sell clothing, cheap-end makeup and accessories) for a paltry sum of 2,95€.

Paris Memories - #263 & Pastel Manicure - M22, 2 + 1 coats

I chose Pastel Manicure M22, a funky-smelling Chinese eBay curiosity as the layering polish. It's an irridescent glitter lacquer with different sized flakes that flash blue and green - it's very much like Sinful Colors Pearl Harbor, but with a truly sheer base and larger glitter particles.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

We Care Icon Magic Sapphire & glitter gradation

We Care Icon - Blue Sapphire & glitter gradation

Oh, look - it's another glitter gradation... again. The reason I like these is that it's an easy way to spice up any existing mani, and the lesser amount of glitter used (vs. a full glitter mani) means that one can remove a gradation like this with relatively little hassle.

Blue Sapphire by We Care Icon has this incredibly glowy shimmer in it which would take it to the top of my dark blue polishes list, but the packaging is just dismal. The WCI polishes come in these teeny-tiny, square-shaped 5 ml bottles with the shortest wand you'll EVER see in a nail polish brush. Now, if the bottle is just sitting on the table and you dip the brush into it, you can't get any of the product out, but you'll  have to pick the bottle up and actually POUR the nail polish out and onto the brush. Not cool, WCI, not cool.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

OMG y'all girly girls.......!!!

Yesterday, I got a great tip from Minttu AKA Sonne from Sonnela about a nail polish shirt to die for...!! Now, paillettes are usually not my thing, but the photo she posted [edit: um, if the link forwards you to some random post of mine, just click here and scroll ALL the way down... I don't know what happened here... darn Blogger] made me hop onto the bus today and head for my nearest Gina Tricot store here in Tampere. Sure enough, this whole rack was filled with these gorgeous magenta coloured nail polish T-shirts with a generous 75% sale tag on them, so I grabbed one of my size and headed for the cashiers desk. I'm still all like... "holy crap - did I just pay only 5€ for this shirt?!" :D

BTW, I SOOO want to buy this for myself - Pantheon Black. My old PC is 4½ years old and the Chrimbo money I got is burning a hole in my pocket...!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Layered purples & glitter gradation

Layered purples & glitter gradation

Oh dear... this mani has so much going on in it I don't know where to start. Originally, I had wanted to do a simple, clean nude mani with absolutely no bells or whistles, but the polish I was using was so sheer I would've had to do 5 or 6 coats to get an even semi-opaque finish. So I said to hell with it, I'm going to have to redo this all in any case, and just started slapping on any sheer polish that was on my desk. In addition to the nude polish, this has at least the following: Flormar Supershine Miracle Colors U28, Maybelline Purple Water, Pure Ice Busted, China Glaze Nova, and an unnamed Yes Love purple tinted hologram glitter. Phew! And you know what - I actually really, really like the end result!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Maybelline MNY 661 & Color It Beyond Blue

Maybelline MNY 661, 2 coats

The MNY by Maybelline stands appeared in Finnish stores about 6 months ago, and naturally I bought a boatload of their polishes which were/are only 3,50€ apiece (about $4.50 - gosh, I bet most muggles over the pond would refuse to pay even that much for a polish!). 661 was the first of them which I wore, and apart from the stubby brush I'd grade this colour as an 8 (or a B to ya Yankees). Nothing special, and I bet you can find a dozen dupes for it in any store. I just was to thrilled to have this huge brand new display of polishes in front of me, and went shopping happy.

Maybelline MNY 661 & Color It - Beyond Blue, 2 + 2 coats

I bought a bunch of interesting Color It polishes for layering purposes from an Amurrican seller on eBay, and chose Beyond Blue to layer over 661. This one has iridescent mylar hexagons in a clear base, and it adds that extra oomph to the Maybelline which it was clearly missing. Have you ever heard of the Color It brand or have any information on their polishes?

Monday, January 2, 2012

Del Sol Girls Night Out & fimo butterflies

Del Sol - Girls Night Out, 2 coats

Ooh, it's my first ever colour-changes-in-the-sun polish! Girls Night Out only needed two coats to be opaque and applied like a dream, but I'm still a bit iffy about both colours... a bit too granny-ish for me, perhaps?... Bah, it's still super fun watching the polish change colour!

Del Sol - Girls Night Out, 2 coats & fimo butterflies

Even with two generous coats of SH Insta-Dri top coat Girls Night Out is still going strong and exhibitioning a radical change in shade/ in sun! W00t! (I'm sorry for the extremely lousy description, me so drunk. Sorry. I hate trying to come up with stuff to say about each polish I show you, I only do good if a polish is total crap, otherwise it's just hum-hum oh-what-a-nice-lacquer derp-a-herp. --- I do wish Facebook had an Alcolock application, I sure do need one. *grin*)

 I love him more than I can ever express ♥ Mah fur baby!

Look what the cat dog dragged in! ;D
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