Wednesday, February 16, 2011

State of the (Br)union

Hiski & Onni... just chillin'.

Hey guys... I know I haven't posted anything in about 3 weeks for which I'd like to apologize. I've had quite a lot of stress in my life lately and those pesky serious IRL things have kept me from allotting any time for blogging. But - I have been doing my nails as often as ever and as of now I have 15 NOTDs waiting to be put through my usual photo editing process. Lately, we've had sunny weather (w00t!) so I've been wearing lots of holographic polishes. B) I've also bought a ton of crackle lacquers including IsaDora and Depend crackles, plus I have all of them new China Glazes coming my way. So it's Holo Hullabaloo and Crack-O-Mania here at AaOL as soon as I get my ass in gear and start going through that massive folder of unsorted nail photos.

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Ulmiel said...

Oooh, that has the be the sweetest photo of the month! Sooo fluffy and cute! Good to have you back!

ChaosButterfly said...

Omg, it's hard to believe that they are even real, they're just that cute. I want to take them home with me.

And I can't wait to see the upcoming posts! I've missed your nails. :3

S. said...

Oh god, they are A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E !
They look like little cute cotton balls :)
So nice ! Can't wait to see your posts !
Xx. S

Jennifer Leigh said...

Too, too cute!

Henar said...

Aawww, this is very beautiful!!
I love it!! ♥


silvia Navarro said...

this is so cute!
great post!!!
follow u =)

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