Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sinful Colors Color Scare & Precision Hazel & Gretel

 Sinful Colors - Color Scare, 2 coats

The gorgeous, glowing Color Scare has golden metallic particles in a burnt orange base. I'm really not into gold or bronze copper at all, but I have to admit that Color Scare looks great with my skintone, bringing out the warm tones (I usually look like a corpse with just about any polish on).

Sinful Colors - Color Scare & Precision - Hazel & Gretel, 2 + 2 coats

I'm not sure if Hazel & Gretel has a typo in the name ("Hanzel & Gretel") or if it points to the orange half of this silver and orange glitter polish. Anyway, these two make a great festive pairing that looks good under all lighting conditions.

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AllThingsNails! said...

That is sooo pretty!

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