Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Nubar Vaso

 Nubar Vaso, 2 coats

Vaso is from this year's Venetian Glass collection but it's definitely not a glass flecked polish but a foil if I ever saw one. The finish looks really bumpy and coarse but one coat of TC was enough to make the surface glass smooth. Colourwise, Zoya Areetha is a dead on dupe for Vaso - both are metallic lilacs. I'd love to like this lacquer but on me the colour is just... blah, and I'm not crazy about the finish either. Sorry about the bad swatches, I'll try to take better photos tomorrow if there's any direct sunlight.

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ChaosButterfly said...

I didn't like the color of this either, but I do think it looks lovely on you.

nailsbybellan said...

I've given you a Beautiful Blogger award :)

ritterbraten said...

Woa, what a colour.. I'm a lilac maniac, so it goes to my wish list :)

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