Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Revlon StreetWear Envy

 Revlon StreetWear - Envy, 2 coats

Envy is the love child of olive green and chartreuse - too saturated and bright to be the former and too muted for the latter one. It has small golden flecks and orange and green shimmer in a green creamy base and two coat were enough to reach opacity. Unfortunately, this one didn't quite suit my skintone. :L BTW, the UK version of Toad is almost identical with Envy except I find Envy a bit prettier than the UK Toad as it has a bit more of that gorgeous golden shimmer.

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Beauty Addict said...

I actually love this colour! I do think it suits you. Are your nails natural?

Sylvia said...

Beautiful colour!

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