Sunday, December 5, 2010

L.A. Colors Exotic Pink

L.A. Colors - Exotic Pink, 3 coats

Exotic Pink is a lovely, squishy, vivid deep pink jelly bordering on magenta (or even neon pink if you're not a neon purist). I doubt that my camera was able to capture the true brightness of this lacquer. :/ This time, I wrapped my tips while putting the polish on and thus avoided the icky pooling near the tip of the free edge. It also took me about three hours to do this mani from start to finish since I waited about 20 minutes between each coat as I was desperately trying to avoid bubbling. BTW, what's up with all the LA/L.A. polishes, are they manufactured by the same company? It's just that if they are then why the discrepancy, isn't LA = Louisiana and L.A. = Los Angeles? And what does LASplash stand for then? %)

3 kommenttia:

Beauty Addict said...

You have the most beautiful hands and nails I've ever seen!
Love the colours!

Chune said...

You have wonderful nails I'm gonna follow you right away!

Zara said...

That is a gorgeous pink! I love your nails.

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