Thursday, December 9, 2010

DICI 013 & IsaDora Subway Green

DICI - Metallic green 013, 2 coats

Lobster hand alert! 013 is a very pale green consisting of super dense, super tiny metallic pigment particles. I got this super cheap off eBay last summer - I'd direct you to the seller's profile but they're no longer registered there. I could've gotten away with only one coat, but since I'd be applying a crackle polish over it I decided to do two to avoid bald spots for this base colour would be shrinking with it.

DICI - Metallic green 013 & IsaDora - Subway Green, 2 + 1 coats

This is a pretty spot on photo of what the colours really look like together - the base polish looks almost golden until you take a better look. Be prepared to work FAST and try to apply only one swipe of polish. My gripe with the IsaDora graffiti lacquers is that without a top coat they wear off super fast. I don't mean they chip off but little by little, the actual pigment is transferred to anything you touch, be it a tissue, your clothes or even the walls of your house. You could use your nails to draw on a piece of paper! I've worn this mani for less than 12 hours and already I've lost almost half of the graffiti lacquer from my index fingers and my right thumb. Also, I noticed that after I took a shower and applied my regular hand lotion the graffiti shrank even more, pulling the base polish with it and now my mani is a faded crumply mess. :< Next time I'll be sure to use my regular quick dry top coat.

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Zara said...

Ooh, I love this with the crackle!

Musicalhouses said...

Wow, that is one awesome gold colour! and the crackle - I love it! I've been meaning to get my hands on a crackle polish, and now I REALLY need to get one! And I love your nails too - they are the perfect shape and length!

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