Monday, December 13, 2010

Eveline 413 & JDN 66

Eveline - 413, 2 coats

Eveline 413 is a weak holo lacquer that looks either mauve or brown, depending on lighting. I did this mani last night and was absolutely certain that it was a brown holo, but come daylight and I am looking at a completely different colour. Formula was good, 413 is an easy colour to apply and the brush is pretty nice.

Eveline - 413 & JDN - 66, 2 + 1 coats

JDN is a Chinese (I think) nail polish brand who have put out some wicked colours - one day, I'll show you this gorgeous purple glass flecked shimmer that's OPI DS Royal's little sister! 66 has a decent amount of small magenta coloured stars and normal sized glitter in a clear base. This combo was okay but the placement of the stars bugged me so much that I removed the whole thing after a couple of hours.

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Scandalous said...

this is beautiful. I love the dusty pink color of it

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