Sunday, January 2, 2011

Casuelle Purple Pearl

Casuelle - Purple Pearl, 3 coats

Casuelle is one of those cheap obscure brands that pop up in shady discount stores. I searched the net for any info about the manufacturer and pretty much only found product reviews written by Finnish and Dutch bloggers; they don't even have a website. Also, any of their polishes I own don't have names on them so I'm calling this colour simply Purple Pearl. I picked up this lacquer from a display advertising their "new" pearly polish collection which had about five different shades ranging from a boring standard white, super pearly colour to a couple of different pinks and a slightly muted baby blue to this purple which was the most exciting one. I'm hesitant to call this a true pearl polish, it's more of a weak shimmer. The base is an undefinable grayish colour which brings depth to the lacquer - if Chanel Paradoxal had a more transparent base and stronger shimmer this is what I'd imagine it'd look like... sorta. There's a teeny tiny bit of duochrome action going on but not enough to call it one. The formula was pretty bad, like I was trying to apply wallpape paste on my nails (or if you're familiar with the dessert called kiisseli or kissel, it's exactly the word I'd use to describe Purple Pearl) and drying time was... I won't even go there. This was the most difficult colour ever to photograph and I had to do a lot of colour correcting on the pics. Still I'm quite fascinated with this polish and will definitely try layering it over my Barry M Dusky Mauve which is the only Paradoxal dupe I own (not counting my own franken).

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