Friday, January 21, 2011

Beauties Factory nail art stamping swatches

 Beauties Factory nail art stamping swatches, left hand size reference

 Beauties Factory nail art stamping swatches, right hand detail reference

I recently ordered a bunch of nail art stamping plates from Beauties Factory. The price of each plate is a very affordable $2, shipping is essentially free (unless you want tracking) and my items arrived - with a free gift - a week after I had placed my order. They also accept PayPal which is a huge plus in my book since I don't wish to submit my CC info to just any random site. So, I rate the buying experience a solid 10.


...The designs are TINY, about half of what Konad's images are. They're very detailed but the details get smudged when they're stamped (I'm crap at stamping, though; someone with more experience could get clean, crisp images). The designs in my pics are from the following plates:

HB26 - Hand & footprints (the hand's right side is smudged in my pic, as are the feet)
HB28 - Halloween (the plate's two witches are just blotches when stamped, too small detailing)
HB34 - Insects, birds and other critters
HB35 - Xmas ornaments
HB37 - Pawprints

The reviewed items were bought at my own expense.

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Beauty shades said...

hehehe i always smudge my stamping as well some nails look great other i always smudge them. but this design is not smudged at all it is perfect:)

Antoszewskia said...

Haha that little ghost is SO cute!

Lois Lane said...

I'm a little bad at stamping too. But yours look perfect! By the way, I love the white base :)

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