Saturday, October 30, 2010

Chanel Mica Rose & French tip nail art stickers

Chanel - Mica Rose, 2 coats & French tip nail art stickers

Mica Rose is my first Chanel and the first lacquer that I had to get after seeing a swatch of it online. It is also the most expensive np I've bought at 25€ which is the normal price for a Chanel polish in any store here. Granted, it's nothing awfully original but it's the perfect soft pink shade and super safe to wear to any occasion. I had these silver dot & crystal decorated French tip stickers which I though were a perfect fit for the Chanel - too bad I failed at sticking them on relatively un-crooked. Next time I think I'll stick with loose gemstones and a dotting tool with some silver polish. To finish things off I applied two coats of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat to make sure the edges of the stickers wouldn't start lifting.

Note: The first picture was taken with my mum's brand new Canon PowerShot S95 and the second with a Canon PowerShot G3 circa 2003. The lighting conditions were unideal with overcast skies and gloomy late autumn weather outside.

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kelliegonzo said...

i flippen love your nails :) i'm coveting them!

Bruno said...

kelliegonzo - Thank you - you're making me blush..! :*)

Esmalte na Nega said...

Lindo!!!! Parabéns!!!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love these!!! beautiful work!

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