Saturday, October 23, 2010

Nail art stamping spam!

I should preface this post by stating that I'm really bad at stamping. It may be because of the shape of my nails which are super curved - they're half spheres, actually. In addition to the normal Konad rubber stamper I got myself a brandless one made of silicone. Smaller designs I can stamp with the Konad one but larger full nail designs are impossible without using the silicone stamper I rarely bother with stamping just because the whole process is so time consuming and the results I get often disappoint me.

Make Up Store - Dolly, Wet 'n' Wild - Black Creme & Konad M66 w/ Konad special white

Dolly is a pretty one with iridescent yellow shimmer in a blue/mint green base and I think Misa Silk Robe is a close relative of hers. I love this polish although it needs some extra decor or it looks like poo with my skintone. I think I was inspired by (= ripped off) one of Konad's promo pics.

Revlon - Not So Blue-Berry & Konad M69 w/ Konad special white

Not So Blue-Berry was my first scented polish - it's such a pretty blurple foil and smells delicious, but oh how it bubbled on me! I had to make sure that the first coat was bone dry until I carefully applied the second coat, hoping that it would cover the rash-like texture.

 Revlon - Grape Icy & Bundle Monster 03 w/ Konad special white

Another one of Revlon's scented polishes was Grape Icy from their 2010 Scents of Summer collection which I was somewhat disappointed with. It was streaky and sheer, recquiring three coats for opacity, plus the colour is very ordinary (I must have half a dozen near dupes). The smell was nice, though.

Color Club - Yachty Yachty Yadda & Konad M39 w/ red franken

A manicure with super girly pink base and super girly magenta butterflies make for a happy Bruno.

Grey franken, GOSH - Wild Lilac & Konad M3 w/ Wet 'n' Wild black

This one was actually inspired by a studded t-shirt I found in a secondhand store! The base was some random quick grey franken using Wet 'n' Wild black and white polishes, then adding a gradation with GOSH Wild Lilac and a makeup sponge. Next, I stamped on tons of stars and finally added small violet paillettes from a craft store.

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natalsie said...

I can't believe I only just found your blog - this is amazing stuff!! I love the design of the site as well as your close ups))

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