Monday, October 25, 2010


INGLOT - 853, 2 coats

My first INGLOT lacquer! I was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled across an INGLOT store a couple of weeks ago, in a mega mall I hadn't previously been to. Sooo, I hurried inside and zoomed right in front of the np display to check if their polishes looked as drool-worthy IRL as they did on their website. But nah... nothing really unique to be found there for a (so-called) serious collector. After chatting with a super nice sales assistant I picked up 853 which has blue to purple iridescent shimmer in a deep eggplant base - again, not a groundbreakingly unique shade but nice nevertheless. Application was a breeze although the round brush put me off a little at first. Price was 10€ for a 15ml bottle of np from a for a selective brand which is fair I guess (it certainly beats paying over 8€ for a 6ml bottle of Lumene lacquer at my local grocery store!). The brand carry a couple of interesting flakies in their line but when I saw them IRL they were nothing groundbreaking - Nfu-Oh has dupes of them all, I'm sure.

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