Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Blue, teal & turquoise spam! Pt. 3

Franken - Envy Me, Carl, 2 coats

I mixed half and half of H&M Envy Me and Spending Cash With Carl to get this unbelievably gorgeous deep teal shimmer.

Franken - Envy Me, Carl & Precision - After Dinner Mints, 2 coats

 Orly - It's Up to Blue, 2 coats

Orly - It's Up to Blue & Nubar - Blue Silver Glitter, 2 + 2 coats

I was disappointed by It's Up to Blue - it looked horrible against my skin - so I topped it with Blue Silver Glitter from Nubar. OMG sparklefest! The glitter is tiny and two coats gave just enough coverage the green-ness of the Orly to shine through.

 Franken - Under the Sea, 2 coats

 DICI - 046, 2 coats

HOMG this is the most metallic polish EVER, it's incredible and must seen with one's own eyes! DICI is a Chinese brand available on eBay and is chock-full of toxic ingredients judging by the smell. It applied beautifully, probably thanks to all the carcinogenic stuff that's in it.

 Maybelline - New Year's Blues, 2 coats

 Revlon StreetWear - Midnight & Models Own - Blue Sparkle, 2 + 1 coats

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Deborah said...

Hi! Just bought the two H&M polishes today you used for the Envy me, Carl franken. I hope you don't mind I'll be trying it on my own ;). The recipe was half/half, right?

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