Sunday, October 23, 2011

Revlon Sublime Strawberry & nail art stickers

Revlon - Sublime Strawberry, 2 coats

I was debating with myself whether to get this polish for the longest time. I mean it looked nice enough on other people, but didn't I already have several dupes of this same shade already? It was the 'scented when dry' label that made me pull the trigger, and am I glad I did just that. As soon as I had unwrapped the polish and took my first good look at it IRL - love. Sublime Strawberry is the perfect blend of pink and coral, and ohmygosh it smells good! It's like holding a handful of those scented erasers from your childhood to your nose, I couldn't stop smelling my nails! :D So the scent is very fakey, but in a good sense. Revlons always tend to bubble on me but I had no problems with this particular polish.

Revlon - Sublime Strawberry, 2 coats & nail art stickers

Since I suck at stamping, I once again used nail art stickers. :p These really cutesy 3D cotton stickers stayed on for a whole week without any significant wear or discoloration.

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rock-or-not said...

I love this pink!!
These stickers are so cute!!

lucyclark;D said...

lovely! :D please follow my blog to enter my giveaway! :D

Rainbowify Me said...

The stickers are cute, and the colour really suits your skin tone. :)

Pretty and Polished Lady said...

OMG that is so cute!

Sharon said...

LOVE this colour... it's the absolute PERFECT strawberry milk pink! im going out to check it out

Little Candy said...

OMG Those are indeeedd soooooo cute! :D
and i love ure nails.. omg... so straight and healthy. u make Very nice pictures! :D

Follow me? i follow back! :)

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