Friday, November 19, 2010

Shaken Not Stirred franken

Franken - Shaken Not Stirred, 2 coats

Ohmegosh, SUN!!! For whole three hours, it's photo taking time! So, I've been eyeing China Glaze's discontinued Shaken Not Stirred for what seems like years. I recently came across a bunch of discounted Eveline brand lacquers, and since they were so cheap at 1€ apiece I decided to grab a couple of extra ones to use in frankens. For the base colour I used Eveline 421, a light purple that leans pink (and which is nearly identical to Essie's Splash Of Grenadine) and then I added whatever glass flecked polishes I had, more specifically Misa Honeybunch (semi sheer white base), Sally Hansen Diamonds (clear base) and Depend 105 (super densely packed with glass flecks, simply made for frankening purposes). Photos of the original polish can be seen at Crystal Polish, Polish Me Happy and Polish Mayhem - I think my version is a tad more pink but I've managed to satisfy my craving for the moment.

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Sylvia said...

This one is awesome! Beautiful!

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