Monday, November 8, 2010

H&M Happy Purple & GOSH Gasoline

H&M - Happy Purple, 2 coats

Happy Purple (perhaps a slightly strange name for such a vampy lacquer?) is a deep eggplant shimmer with some sparse, small magenta and blue glass flecks. The base is not blackened and the polish does look purple even in low light. The formula was fine and I could have gotten away with only one coat, but I always do two out of habit.

H&M - Happy Purple & GOSH - Gasoline, 2 + 1 coats

Gasoline is one of my very favourite lacquers - silver, pink and blue glass flecks in a reddish purple jelly base. It's just about the only polish I recall ever buying a backup of! The cloudy winter's day did no favours for this pretty lacquer and I'm sorry for the subpar pictures, I'm still trying to figure out my mum's camera.

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