Thursday, May 17, 2012

Layla Magneffect Glamour Lilac & Galaxy Silver

 Layla - Glamour Lilac, 1 coat over grey creme

Oh, Layla Magneffects... you're so beautiful, yet my wallet wails at the sight of you. If you're in Finland, the Magneffects can now be purchased in most Sokos department stores at 15€ a pop. Glamour Lilac, a standard silver with pink to green duochrome flakes, immediately caught my attention so I grabbed it and giddily made my way to the cash registers.

Since my first trials with the actual Layla magnet were a big fat fail, I did as Passion4Polish at MUA suggested - first, I removed the magnet from the cap with an exacto knife, and then stuck it on a piece of flexible plastic (there's no need for using glue as the magnet still has a fair amount of adhesive left on it after you pry it off). This way I could bend the magnet so that it better fits the shape of my nail.

As with most (all?) magnetic polishes you'd better let your mani dry for A LONG TIME before applying your top coat. Trust me on this. If not, the metallic particles will bleed and diminish the effect. I think I waited around for about 30 to 40 minutes before top coat.


 Layla - Galaxy Silver, 1 coat over grey creme

I also got Galaxy Silver, which has square silver glitter in a silver base. As with Glamour Lilac, this is one coat over a darkish grey creme base. The base colour will show through (at least) these two polishes, especially if you only apply a thin coat of the magetic polish on top.

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Maija said...

:O Layloja Sokoksella?! Ei siellä suinkaan niitä hologrammilakkoja näkynyt?

Bruno said...

^ Enpä ehtinyt kysäistä Tampereen Sokoksen kassoilta silloin, kun nappasin tuon Glamour Lilacin mukaani. Tarkennuksena vielä, että Sokkarilla on valikoimissaan näistä Laylan magnettilakoista se "toinen" kokoelma, eli numerosta 13 eteenpäin:

Cactus said...

Good tip! I need to do that with my magnets asap!

shortylegsbeauty said...

Hi :)
Im from Finland too... Im a finno-swede and my grammar when it comes to Finnish is a bit bad so I thought Id write in english.. sorry ;)
Yes the Layla polishes are amazing... I found them here in Vaasa at Minimani and they are almost 13 euros... too darn expensive but they are SOOO pretty :)

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