Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Maybelline MNY 661 & Color It Beyond Blue

Maybelline MNY 661, 2 coats

The MNY by Maybelline stands appeared in Finnish stores about 6 months ago, and naturally I bought a boatload of their polishes which were/are only 3,50€ apiece (about $4.50 - gosh, I bet most muggles over the pond would refuse to pay even that much for a polish!). 661 was the first of them which I wore, and apart from the stubby brush I'd grade this colour as an 8 (or a B to ya Yankees). Nothing special, and I bet you can find a dozen dupes for it in any store. I just was to thrilled to have this huge brand new display of polishes in front of me, and went shopping happy.

Maybelline MNY 661 & Color It - Beyond Blue, 2 + 2 coats

I bought a bunch of interesting Color It polishes for layering purposes from an Amurrican seller on eBay, and chose Beyond Blue to layer over 661. This one has iridescent mylar hexagons in a clear base, and it adds that extra oomph to the Maybelline which it was clearly missing. Have you ever heard of the Color It brand or have any information on their polishes?

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rock-or-not said...

A nice blue!!
This brand in Germany is sold around 1,50 and 2 euros ^^'
In France too they are at this price..

Bruno said...

^ It would make sense that we Finns are always getting the short end of the stick. :<

Ashesela said...

Oh I want this!!! It is SO beautiful!

Bruno said...

^ By "it" I hope you mean the Color It polish - really, the Maybelline one ain't so great. I really do hate the MNY brush, I doubt you'd be able to get more than four manicures out of the bottle, because that's where the brush stops co-operating with you as far as reach goes. Who the **** came up with these brushes that don't reach the bottom even when shut tightly?? >:(

Sari said...

This is a lovely combination, it reminds me of impressionist brushstrokes, at least in your photographs!

ChromaCraze said...

Wow That is bright! Looks great on you!

Upcoming Chinese Actress in UK said...

Your blog is top-notch for nail art in my book, but I can't find the 'Like' button for Facebook to share with my friends!

Loove this mani you've done - is Color It also known as Color Club? I couldn't find Color It, but is Beyond the Blue similar to this one:


Please let me know, would love to know how to recreate your design - it's so lovely! x

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