Monday, January 2, 2012

Del Sol Girls Night Out & fimo butterflies

Del Sol - Girls Night Out, 2 coats

Ooh, it's my first ever colour-changes-in-the-sun polish! Girls Night Out only needed two coats to be opaque and applied like a dream, but I'm still a bit iffy about both colours... a bit too granny-ish for me, perhaps?... Bah, it's still super fun watching the polish change colour!

Del Sol - Girls Night Out, 2 coats & fimo butterflies

Even with two generous coats of SH Insta-Dri top coat Girls Night Out is still going strong and exhibitioning a radical change in shade/ in sun! W00t! (I'm sorry for the extremely lousy description, me so drunk. Sorry. I hate trying to come up with stuff to say about each polish I show you, I only do good if a polish is total crap, otherwise it's just hum-hum oh-what-a-nice-lacquer derp-a-herp. --- I do wish Facebook had an Alcolock application, I sure do need one. *grin*)

 I love him more than I can ever express ♥ Mah fur baby!

Look what the cat dog dragged in! ;D

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mrsrexy said...

Looks great...I don't think its granny-ish!

Bruno said...

^ You're probably right in saying that - but some tones just scream close-to-being-retired to me. I have *all* the respect for actual grannies, and no actual grannies were hurt in making of this post.

rock-or-not said...

I loooove the color!!
These polishes are so fun!!
So cute your baby!

Allie said...

Cute dog! Lovely mani too

Tonya Kaushik said...

I have a few Del Sol polishes (including this one) that I bought on a cruise to the Bahamas. My favorite, though, is Ruby Slipper, which my sister gave me for Christmas two years ago. It is so dramatic because it starts off a clear glitter but turns bright red in sunlight! I highly recommend that polish; it's the most noticeable change of the Del Sol polishes, imho. =)

expanded ptfe said...

funny all its forms,
laughs would make

LittleMonsterx14 said...

cute doggy!

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