Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Regarding Cosmetics Central / Nail Etc.

In case you haven't already read about it, here's a quick post to bring up the ongoing debacle that originated on MUA concerning the seller known as Cosmetics Central on AKA Nail Etc. What started as a great Black Friday sale on a bunch of Essies ended on a sour note, as apparently Cosmetics Central failed to ship ANY of the Essie "Colour Cubes" their customers purchased, claiming they "mispriced" them, or, more recectly, that they are "out of stock" yet they still continue to sell the Essies in question!

Makeup Alley thread #1 - first mention of the supposed "great deal"
Makeup Alley thread #2 - the plot thickens
Makeup Alley thread #3 - the s**t hits the fan
Makeup Alley thread #4 - the picture's getting clearer
Makeup Alley thread #5 - even notices all the complaints from a large number of people, offers reimbursements

Makeup Alley thread #6 - ...seriously, I could stay up all night and post links to new threads, people...
Makeup Alley thread #7 - ...these just keep popping up...

Edit #2:
Makeup Alley thread #8 and #9 - when everything else fails, the seller resorts to bribery and/or laying a guilt trip on their customers

Edit #3:
Makeup Alley thread #10 - including Nail Etc's response
Makeup Alley thread #11 - "RAGE. SO MUCH RAGE."
Makeup Alley thread #12 - "U buyers R meanz 2 us!"

Cosmetics Central / Nail Etc. = False promises, undelivered products, bad business practice. Don't do business with them via Amazon or their own site, period. Keep spreading the word!

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Melli said...

I just had a very unpleasant experience with Nail etc. I made an order with my mum and all her polishes were sent as they were ordered, but the other one I ordered was out of stock (still they have it on their site with no mention of this) and the other polish was a wrong one (I ordered China Glaze Midnight Kiss, ended up with Mistletoe Kisses). Now I've waited for about three weeks for Midnight Kiss to arrive, and this after waiting for about a week for them to even answer to my complaint! Argh, I feel so frustrated with them!

Susana said...

I just reported them to Amazon on account of the Essie fiasco. It's a shame, because I had bought from them before (from Nailetc, not their Amazon store), and now they have lost the confidence of many people.
Normally, when an etailer makes a mistake, they assume it to keep a good image... I guess Cosmetics Central does not care about that.

Emelie (P'ssion) said...

Too bad this has happened. I've ordered from them twice before with nothing to complain about. But it's good that people are getting aware about this.

Ashesela said...

Wow, what a crappy situation!! Thank you for sharing. Very informative post!

Sabine T said...

Ugh, wish I had read your post earlier... I placed an order at their website yesterday for some Zoya polishes... Price sounded good plus they ship internationally. Haven't got an order confirmation so far. Hope it'll work out fine :/

Anonymous said...

I ordered a polish set. A shipping label was created, but after 3 days it had no been shipped. I emailed about it, and told it would be shipped ASAP. Three days later, the tracking number had STILL not updated!!!!!! I emailed and questioned where my product was, and was told it had been shipped the day of my first email. The bitches LIED. It was not sent out till the following day after my second email!!!!!!! What should have taken 3 days took 9 days. And to make matters worse, the tree ornament in the gift set was broken. It was very well padded, so I assume it was sent that way. I am leaving a bad review and reporting to amazon.

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