Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Missha Crystal Nail Polish HGR01 & Zoya Charla

Missha Crystal Nail Polish - HGR01, 2 coats

Oh HGR01, you so pretty! Just look how many different faces she has! Formula-wise HGR01 is nice for a metallic polish, but the wand is way too big in relation to the bottle's neck and you'll end up getting polish all over it. So remember to wipe the neck clean with some acetone after use if you don't want this beauty to evaporate before its time. The strong rose scent makes me almost queasy, but the polish is so lovely that I guess I just must grin and bear it... By now HGR01 has become a cult polish and you can easily find it on eBay if you don't yet own it.

Missha Crystal Nail Polish - HGR01 & Zoya - Charla, 2 + 2 coats

Everyone says that Charla stains like a mother, thus I've never worn it by itself. But just look how these two polishes compliment each other so well! To avoid streaks I used two coats of Charla over HGR01 and it dampened the duochrome maybe a bit too much, next time I'll stick with just one coat of Charla and make sure to apply it with extra care.

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Solveig said...

Amazing polishes, both of them! :)

rock-or-not said...

Both are great!
I love it!

shiny said...

Hei mä olisin vaan kysellyt sulta sellaista että olisiko sua kiinnostanut ilmoittautua meidän järjestämään kauneusbloggaajien miittiin 4.12 helsingissä?
Sinne aukeni juuri yksi peruutuspaikka :) Tästä miitistä on tulossa aikas mahtava kaikkine, ohjelmineen, vierailijoineen ja sponsorilahjoineen :) ilmo ohjeet täältä: http://shiny-nailart.blogspot.com/2011/11/muistutus.html

Emm said...

It looks gorgeous!

crystal nail file said...

Wow! I must learn how to do that by myself, how long for each hand?

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