Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Skinfood Pedicure Sparkle Cool Mint & purple crackle comparison

Skinfood Pedicure Sparkle - Cool Mint, 2 coats

I accidentally bought a duplicate bottle of Cool Mint, I'm either including it in an upcoming giveaway (hint hint) or franken with it. And no, I didn't trim my nails yet, this is an older mani from about a month ago. I have a backlog of about 30+ manis that I need to sort through, edit and publish. x.O

Skinfood Pedicure Sparkle - Cool Mint & LaRosa Hot Purple (i, r) / China Crackle - Fault Line (m, p), 2 + 1 coats
A small purple crackle comparison: Hot Purple vs. Fault Line. I LOVE the LaRosa crackles, the brush is nice and wide so you only need to dip once, and the formula is dreamy. Fault Line is the most challenging to use of the China Glaze crackles, a fact that isn't helped a bit by the skinny, floppy CG brush. It doesn't look too bad here but this is the best Fault Line mani I've ever done, usually all I get is a strand-like effect with very little actual crackling of the polish.

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A Polished Touch said...

Wow, this is stunning. I love this colour combination!

Toyomi said...

This looks really beautiful . I love the color combo .

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